Installation service is NOT included. However, SDKA’s customer service team is always here to assist you.

STEP 1. Make sure these conditions were met:

Customers must ensure that the following installation conditions were met before installing FOTILE range hood:

 1) The Range hood has been picked up or delivered (might have extra fee for delivery)

 2) The flue and a 6 inch duct have been reserved (might have extra fee for duct adaptor, opening or expanding holes)

 3) The power outlet/3-pin socket is installed (might have extra fee for power outlets)

 4) Cabinets and backsplash have been finished

STEP 2. Contact a local licensed technician:

    1. In GTA (Great Toronto Area) and Vancouver:

SDKA has a list of reliable licensed technicians in GTA and Vancouver

Contact us by 1-844-315-0315 or on WeChat “fotilecanada” for installation service

    1. Other Areas:

Please find a local licensed technician.

Our products are standardized product. It’s easy to install, but may different from other brands. Make sure your local technician have read the manual book or watched the installation video on Youtube before installing.

If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us by 1-844-315-0315 or on WeChat “fotilecanada”.

STEP 3. Test your range hood before the technician leave